Flowers are perfect when visiting the sick

Flowers can brighten the dull environment of the hospital and really cheer up a sick person. However, care must be exercised in this regard since some hospitals have strict rules regarding gifts especially for patients in the ICU.


Every person loves flowers and receiving a lovely bouquet always leads to an instant smile, even on the most distressing faces. It is scientifically proven that flowers are capable of cheering up people. Flowers are a natural and healthy mood enhancer.,


Patients who receive flowers agree that they felt less anxious, excited and less depressed upon receiving flowers, which led to a higher level of satisfaction and sense of enjoyment. The flowers also create an intimate connection between the flower giver and the sick person. When a near and dear one is ill, it is not necessary that they should be lying in a hospital bed to receive flowers. If people are sick in bed or maybe just feeling a little low, flowers are a prudent way of bringing a smile to their face, lift their spirits and brighten up their mood.


If the patient is in a hospital, a gift of flowers bought at the florist Houston Medical Center can show that you are thinking of him during this unfortunate time and that you wish him a quick and healthy recovery. It would also help to brighten up the ill person’s hospital room which is normally quite depressing. When people plan to have flowers gift to patients in a hospital, it is wise to keep in mind that hospital rooms are generally quite small. Therefore, something small and cute will be a better option. Once the person is back from the hospital, then a large bouquet can be appropriate.


Make sure that your flowers will not have a negative effect on the person’s recovery. Remember some flowers would have things like allergens, color, scents, and microbes and these can impact either your loved one or even someone in the same ward. Some hospitals may have restrictions, and therefore the loved one would probably not receive them. There are flowers that can be used in a positive influence when it comes to the health of the patient.


Inquire at the nurse’s station about any restrictions on flowers. Patients with any condition that causes decreased immunity will not be allowed to receive plants. When buying plants, remember to buy hypoallergenic flowers or plants, or plants that are non-flowering. Spider plant and ivy are ideal. Ventilation is sometimes poor in hospital rooms, the small ones in particular. This could cause the pollen from a bouquet to cause allergies.


Ivy and spider plant are the best for this purpose. Small hospitals, in particular, have poor ventilation, and the bigger ones are not much better. This can cause pollen to start set off allergies in a patient. It will not make the gift giver happy to see the flowers in the nurse’s station instead of at the bedside of the patient.


A cheerful bunch of flowers can cheer one up when one is feeling sad. Therefore, they may bring hope to the patient. However, someone who has had an eye operation, or is experiencing headaches may not respond that well to bright, bold colors.


Remember to add a cheerful note to the bouquet. Select the text to suit the situation. In the event of a serious illness, give them a promise of a visit or lunch date to look forward to. A humorous note or inside joke will be suitable for a routine-type procedure.